Welcome to Fluid Maintenance Solutions

Established in 2008, Fluid Maintenance Solutions is a specialist engineering services company with proven expertise in reducing the cost and impacts of fluids and lubricants in high-performance manufacturing environments.

Based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park and with a separate processing facility in Sheffield, we are a partner at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing and also members of the Manufacturing Technologies Association.

Our partnership at the AMRC extends to providing expertise and collaboration on the technical demands of coolant delivery systems in high-performance machining applications and on the investigation and determination of recycling routes for ‘sump sludge’ produced during machining operations.

Recognised for our innovation, we were finalists in both Best Supporting Equipment and Best Health, Safety & Environmental Practice categories at the Advanced Manufacturing Awards 2012.

What we do

Our best-in-class solutions have been developed to radically improve tool life, maximise metal removal rate and increase yield and value of revert in high-performance machining applications across a wide range of industry sectors, including aerospace and automotive.

We promise, and deliver, sustainable and reliable solutions which reduce the operational, environmental and ultimately, financial impact of fluid use in production environments.

We work in partnership with RBM as the sole UK agent for their IFDR precision filtration solutions; IFDRs are at the forefront of improving metal cutting performance and are a significant step change in technical capability and operational reliability,  proven to at least double effective tool life.

Our own patent-pending SMR process, where we divert metal rich sludge and grinding fines from landfill or hazardous waste processing to maximise both yield and revert value, is the next step of what is a comprehensive and effective solution, making FMS a unique partner to help improve operational, environmental and financial performance.

Latest News...
FMS enters third year of partnership at the AMRC 15 January 2015 With the importance of fluid delivery in high performance machining applications becoming realised FMS are delighted to enter their third year of partnership at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing. Combining the step change in technical capability of IFDR high pressure coolant delivery solutions and FMS's patent pending metal recovery process our continued involvement will play a major role in helping end users reduce operational costs and improve health, safety and environmental performance. > read more >
FMS attends AMRC Tech Fellow conference 2014 13 November 2014 The AMRC with Boeing annual conference is exclusive to partner companies and is an opportunity to learn about the completed, current and planned research affecting advances in manufacturing > read more >
FMS present at the MTA / AMRC Advances in Machining Event 24 June 2014 As part of the Global Manufacturing Festival, the University of Sheffield AMRC and the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) present a showcase for advanced machining. The free seminar features global leaders in machining technology presenting the challenges for industry and the technologies to address them. > read more >
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